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uptime & reliability
server & connection speed
technical support & knowledge
customer service & billing
price value for money
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Terrible support

Their support is almost non-existent. They make bulk changes that cause issues and it takes them days to correct them. Meanwhile their is not help or communication regarding the status. Their mail server IP addresses are constantly flagged as spamming. I am researching where to move my domain hosting for my hobbies as well as company sites.

Biggest Con: No support

MyDomain is NOT recommended by TJ Elias. This person does NOT recommend MyDomain.
› Overall Rating ››    30.00% 
Reviewed on November 8th, 2012 at 07:59 EST by TJ Elias
Customer for duration of More than 5 years
IP Address:
Type of Plan: Shared   Platform: Linux   Domain:   Email: [withheld]
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uptime & reliability
server & connection speed
technical support & knowledge
customer service & billing
price value for money
* ratings are out of 10 poisioned their DNS for customer zones on 1-11-2012 down yet again. I did finally get through to support, their explanation was vague at best. They claimed that there is a default MX host for undefined domains. Then why did poison all customer domains that had existing MX records with a bogus MX record and gave it preference over all of our mail hosts? If they had just gone down, we would have been fine, but with the bogus record ( ), our customers and business partners email got rejected instead of simply delayed since they re-routed all email to a dead end.

They provided no information on their outage page, no announcement when you called support, no explanation or apology on their web site. I had to sit on hold for over an hour to finally get a support tech to admit they poisoned their customers zones with the bogus MX record and we lost email on all zones for more than half of the day.

Sometimes things happen but there is NO excuse for taking everyone down all day when it can be avoided with a little smarts. The look like a big outfit but behave like a mom&pop operation. I moved all domains and canceled our hosting last night. Fool me once!

Biggest Pro: They are cheap
Biggest Con: You get what you pay for. This is DNS for a hobby use only, not a business.

MyDomain is NOT recommended by Robert Duchouquette. This person does NOT recommend MyDomain.
› Overall Rating ››    10.00% 
Reviewed on January 18th, 2012 at 21:02 EST by Robert Duchouquette
Customer for duration of 6 - 11 months
IP Address:
Type of Plan: Dedicated   Platform: Windows   Domain: [withheld]   Email: [withheld]
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9 out of 9 people found this review helpful.
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