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uptime & reliability
server & connection speed
technical support & knowledge
customer service & billing
price value for money
* ratings are out of 10

Absolutely fantastic service

The best service in the business. Always quick to respond, always polite, always know what they're doing, and they *always* fix a problem when it arises. They have even on occasion worked to fix things that were clearly "off the menu" -- not a part of the schedule of services.

They will not provide tech support for things that are not a part of their system. If you need help with your HTML or your PHP, they direct you to the forums. The forums are full of helpful people with a wealth of knowledge, but there is of course no guarantee that someone on the forum will solve your particular problem.

FutureQuest provides post-mortems of outages. They inform people well ahead of time for scheduled maintenance. They're honest, and their tech people frequently chime in on the forums to give the whys and there wherefores of the web business. If you're on shared hosting and you're doing something that's a threat to their other customers, they speak to you frankly (and politely) about it.

I just can't say enough good things about this host. (Only gave an 8 on the billing because they could make things easier for resellers. They're not doing anything wrong, but if there's an area they could expand their services to make my life easier, this is it.)

Biggest Pro: Best service. Period.

FutureQuest is recommended by DJ. This person recommends FutureQuest.
› Overall Rating ››    100.0% 
Reviewed on April 10th, 2010 at 05:00 EST by DJ
Customer for duration of More than 5 years
IP Address:
Type of Plan: Reseller   Platform: Linux   Domain: [withheld]   Email: [withheld]
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uptime & reliability
server & connection speed
technical support & knowledge
customer service & billing
price value for money
* ratings are out of 10

Once great, now mediocre

FutureQuest was once a great hosting company. Top notch tech support, awesome forum, unbeatable uptime, and more. FutureQuest was really an industry leader.

Today, FutureQuest is a stale, overpriced, underpowered, and unreliable hosting company (relative to their competitors). The forum, once a large selling feature, is mostly quiet and no longer a very helpful community resource. Competitors have continued to improve uptime and service, while lowering prices, but FutureQuest has not been able to keep pace. Part of the reason is that it is locked into its own proprietary systems that it has been unable or unwilling to invest in improving. Another problem with the proprietary system is that glitches have caused problems for several years that FutureQuest has been unable to track down. An announcement of a server restart is made on an almost daily basis, which is not good when you consider FutureQuest is not a massive hosting company.

FutureQuest's reseller program pales in comparison to what competitors offer and FutureQuest does not really have a good understanding of a modern reseller program. They do not offer their resellers tools to enable efficient account management and they have changed the terms so that the financial incentives are not very compelling either.

Biggest Pro: Historical quality
Biggest Con: Outdated

FutureQuest is NOT recommended by Matthew. This person does NOT recommend FutureQuest.
› Overall Rating ››    50.00% 
Reviewed on March 15th, 2010 at 12:34 EST by Matthew
Customer for duration of More than 5 years
IP Address:
Type of Plan: Shared   Platform: Linux   Domain: [withheld]   Email: [withheld]
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16 out of 16 people found this review helpful.
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