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Eukhost server review

I was hosting around 20 sites with a Canadian VPS provider and decided because their support was so poor that I would migrate all our domains to
Before I go into detail about the state of their servers the only one thing they were ok at was support. They are very happy to keep trying to up sell you to a new service because of the poor performance of their servers. Before the migration I run all my websites without a complaint from a customer and kind of wish I had never migrated now.

The migration at first went smoothly apart from lots of permission and ownership problems on the server but I thought all were well. This was not the case.
My team work heavily with Joomla and the first thing we noticed was the response time when uploading or saving to the server. It got to the point that it would take up to a minute for the page to refresh once you hit the save button. Next we had 2 complaints within one day from customers saying their websites were not even loading. I contacted Euk and their response for the next 3 DAYS! was, "we cannot see any problems on the server" .

This led me to investigate a little deeper. It turns out that Eukhost are advertising their VPS services on the Black Hat marketing forums! What does this mean I hear you say? Black Hat marketers are people that run SPAM software to rank their websites in the SERPS. These types of software are not your average marketing applications. Most are designed to send out hundreds of thousands of Backlinks, web 2 platform sign ups (word press, squidoo etc) and then constantly post to them. Other software Black Hatters runs are web scrappers.

These types of software are constantly scrapping websites for email addresses, forums to post too and millions of blogs. they do this so they can then spam the emails or drop links on the blogs. We will never get rid of this type of marketing, but there is a time and place for everything. These type of black Hat operations are normally run on what are called "Bullet Proof Servers" or servers where the host does not care about the actions of their customers and sadly this is where falls.

Back to my review. After days of complaining, I finally confronted them about the Spam servers they allow, and put it to them that these Black Hat marketing VPS's are sucking up massive amounts of bandwidth.

Their response was as follows
"The server your VPS is hosted on appears to be a bit overloaded due to several other VPS's using most of the resources. We're moving few VPS's off this node to a new one. Please let us know if you want us to proceed with the migration of yours to a different host server which would be less populated & powerful than the current one? The IPs & all other settings would remain the same; nothing needs to be changed from your side. Standing by to assist,"
They moved the VPS and everything was ok for a few days, and then the complaints from my client started again and working in Joomla to the server was yet again painfully slow. I have countless emails telling me I need to upgrade, sadly it seems they whole situation is allowed to continue so they can try and up sell a new more expensive service.

The straw that broke the camel's back was last week. One of my biggest clients decided not to use our services anymore and pulled out. This may seem trivial, but we were trying to run a large SEO marketing campaign. The server speed is a major factor in SEO and on top of that, they were losing business because the bounce rate was something like 85%, a sure consequence of overloaded band width.
I complained again to EUK, but they simply don't get it. They would prefer to have spammers on their VPS servers those legit businesses. After relentless emails and getting nowhere, I decided to move all my operations to are the real heroes
After they migrated all my accounts, I can't believe how much better everything is now. The VPS is actually a lower spec than EUK but the page load times on all domains are amazing. They are professional, they love to make sure everything is ok, and their dedicated data center located in Maiden head provides a blistering connection. They DO NOT advertise their services on Black Hat forums so no spammers to suck up all the VPS resources and bandwidth. I cant recommend them enough.


Eukhosting has left a bitter taste in my mouth. They advertise a service, but it is very poor. If you are hosting a single website and you don't mind spammer then you will be ok, However, if you are trying to run a business STAY AWAY from these cowboys. They are not interested in providing a proper service.
So if there is a moral here, that is my company was bitten, and lost 1000s in revenue, but it's a democracy and the only thing we can do is warn other UK businesses to stay well away by making sure I get this on all the review sites. If it costs them business like it did us then at least we have saved someone else the pain of their pathetic service. I asked for a refund as a good will gesture, but instead had some snotty girl call me and was about as rude as they come. I specifically told them not to call me directly as I would not be held responsible for what I would say, but there you go
If you want reliable hosting stay away from EUKhosting and go for

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: everything

eUKhost is NOT recommended by David. This person does NOT recommend eUKhost.
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Reviewed on July 28th, 2011 at 06:09 EST by David
Customer for duration of 1 - 2 months
IP Address:
Type of Plan: Virtual Private Servers   Platform: Linux   Domain: [withheld]   Email: [withheld]
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